🌼 Volunteering

We would love the help! Here's a brief description of the different tasks that we do and how you might be able to help:

How can you get involved?

Greeting people

  • It would be great to designate folks that newcomers can look to, making the experience here way more comfortable.
  • We'll mention your name at the start and say thanks at the end

Spreading the word

  • I'd like to get better at posting event notifications to Twitter, Slack, etc., somehow.
  • Lots of ideas, please come chat

Talk mentorship

  • Have you given a talk before? We would love to build a list of folks that new speakers can look to for tips and feedback

Tiny Jobs Box

  • Please take pictures of the cards and post them to slack

Finding speakers

  • Know somebody that you think would enjoy speaking? Tell us so we can reach out.
  • Want to help another way? Let us know!