🎉 Sponsoring

How Can I Contribute or Sponsor?

Host an event

Hosting an event means opening your space up to about 50 people for the evening. This typically includes some minimal beverages and food. The spaces that we prefer to host at usually have the following equipment:

  • Chairs for 50ish people
  • A projector
  • A microphone and speaker setup

Tiny Jobs Box

Our tiny jobs box is an in-person way for people to both find word and people to hire. By supporting this effort we will highlight your business on the little slide above the box.

Special Speaker Swag

Help us say thanks to our speakers! The specifics of this are TBD.

We'd love to give out some sort of special swag item. We'll mention the effort in the intro & outro slides and find a way to make it clear to the speaker that your business supported the effort.

Want to get notified immediately when sponsorships open up? One good trick is to use https://visualping.io/ and point it at this page.