This is GoTO, meant to bring Toronto and GTA Gophers together so we can learn and collaborate, regardless of skill level. This group is intended to provide:

  • avenues for continuous improvement and growth.
  • a platform for developers to present their ideas and experiences through presentations and talks
  • a regular opportunity to get together in meatspace and chat about projects and hacks of all kinds

šŸŒ¼ Volunteering

šŸŽ‰ Sponsoring

šŸŸ¢ Code of Conduct

If you'd like to speak, let us know! We've got a little form online at:

We're also on the gophers slack group, in the #toronto channel:

There's a Twitter with announcements and all that jazz up at:


How is GoTO meetup affiliated with GoCon Canada?

Most of the organizers behind the meetup are also the organizers of GoCon Canada. We had a pretty sweet event back in 2019. https://2019.gocon.ca/

GoCon is run as a non-profit organization that funds some of the GoTO meetup costs. The goal is to create a model where we can fund meetups, workshops and conferences for the community.