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Meetups - Oct 21, 2015


Hi everyone!

We're having a meetup this Thursday!! it is short notice, but we've been inspired by some members in the community and special guest to do it this week.

For anyone interested in learning about Go, sharpening their skills, or just mingling with good looking gophers, you're welcome to join us.

The talks for the evening:

1. net/context - "during this talk I'll give you a brief introduction to the Google's context package. I'll explain how to carry deadlines, cancelation signals and values between processes using context.Context interface. I'll show several use-cases and example snippets" - by Vojtech Vitek from Pressly team (

2. Implementing protocols in Go: SMPP - by Alexandre Fiori the one and only (

3. Fuzzing and randomized testing in Go - by Damian Gryski our special guest from Amsterdam (

+ pizza + beer

doors open at 6pm, talks will start at 7pm - 49 Fraser Ave. Suite 100


Toronto, ON - Canada

Thursday, October 22 at 6:00 PM



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